Home India News Anticipating a fare of Rs 62, a man in Noida receives Rs 7.66 crore for an Uber auto ride

Anticipating a fare of Rs 62, a man in Noida receives Rs 7.66 crore for an Uber auto ride

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In an unexpected twist, Noida journalist Deepak Tenguriya was shocked to receive an Uber bill amounting to Rs 7.66 crore, despite booking an auto ride for just Rs 62. This surprising incident unfolded early Friday, leaving Deepak and his friend baffled.

Ashish Mishra, a journalist with Lallantop and a friend of Deepak, shared a video on X discussing the exorbitant fare charged for a routine commute. Deepak’s phone screen displayed a whopping Rs 1,67,74,647 as the trip fare, along with Rs 5,99,09189 for waiting time. Despite a promotional discount of Rs 75, the total amount remained astonishingly high.

The Uber bill made @TenguriyaDeepak feel like a millionaire, considering an Uber franchise. Surprisingly, the trip hasn’t been canceled yet. Instantly become a crorepati by booking an auto for Rs 62,” reads the caption.

Users responded humorously, joking about the absurdity of paying such a high fee for an auto ride. Some speculated that the auto driver might demand the full amount despite its absurdity. Others humorously compared the bill to the budget of Chandrayaan.

Following the viral video, Uber India’s customer support addressed the issue, apologized for the inconvenience, and assured to investigate and update promptly. It’s uncertain if this was a technical error or a rare occurrence. Nonetheless, it highlights the importance of reviewing charges before completing transactions, particularly on digital platforms

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