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 “Elon Musk Delays Visit to India Due to Tesla Commitments”

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Elon Musk confirmed postponement of his trip but expressed anticipation for visiting India later this year.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, delayed his scheduled India trip due to “significant Tesla commitments,” just a day before its commencement. Musk, also SpaceX owner, was set to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the two-day visit to unveil investment proposals for his ventures.

The wealthiest individual globally confirmed the postponement of his journey but expressed anticipation for a visit to India later this year.

Elon Musk
Source: Millennium Post

“Regrettably, extensive Tesla commitments necessitate postponing the India visit, yet I eagerly anticipate visiting later this year,” stated the tech innovator.

Elon Musk’s India Endeavors: Tesla, Starlink, and Expectations

Last week, Musk expressed anticipation for meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, following which reports suggested his potential arrival on April 21.

In June last year, he met the Prime Minister in the US and pledged that Tesla would enter the Indian market “at the earliest opportunity.”

His visit was anticipated to unveil investments totaling $2-3 billion in India, potentially signaling advancements for both Tesla and Starlink, a satellite internet operator under his ownership.

Reportedly seeking fresh markets due to a sales slump in the US and China, electric carmaker Tesla eyes India as a potential market. This interest has heightened, particularly since the government reduced taxes on imported cars for companies investing domestically.

AFP reported that Starlink is poised to obtain preliminary approvals for operations in India. Preceding this, the government amended its foreign direct investment policy in the space sector to facilitate entry pathways for overseas investors in Indian firms.

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