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Chinese man wins year-long paid leave in office party lucky draw

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The story of the “Chinese man wins” office party lottery in Shenzhen, China, has gone viral on social media. The company will discuss if he wants extended leave or cash prize.

A worker in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, secured 365 days of paid leave at his company’s recent annual dinner on April 9. In the photos, he wears a white tee and denim, posing with a cheque stating “365 days of paid leave.”

The man, in disbelief, questioned the reality of his luck, with even the company’s boss sharing his astonishment. Reportedly, the lucky draw involved both rewards and penalties, with potential alternatives being drinking a “special homemade drink” or serving as a waiter.

Some prizes included one or two days off. The company plans to discuss with the man whether he wants to take extended leave or cash out. The annual dinner, skipped for three years due to COVID-19, returned with a lucky draw to reward employees. Online reactions varied from skepticism to inquiries about job openings.

A user expressed fascination with the Shenzhen man winning a year of paid leave in a company lottery, complete with a mock cheque. Another user pondered his plans, asking, “How will he spend all that leisure time?”

Chinese man wins
Source: The Online Citizen

The boss was “astonished” by the prize winner, she mentioned. Chinese media reported that the company’s annual dinner had been on hiatus for three years due to the pandemic, and this time, a lucky draw was held to alleviate work stress for employees. Ms. Chen stated that the company will consult the winner on whether he wants to cash out or utilize his paid leave.

Chinese netizens expressed envy over the large prize, with some jokingly asking about job openings at the company. Others debated the practicality of the unusual reward. A commenter on Douyin, China’s TikTok counterpart, pondered, “Would he risk accepting the prize? After a year, he might find someone else in his position.” This isn’t the first instance of a Chinese company offering a year of paid leave as a lucky draw grand prize.

In January 2022, a sales worker from another Shenzhen-based company also won 365 days of paid leave. Reports from Chinese media indicated that the employee chose to convert some of the award into cash and contributed a portion to local charities.

Chinese man wins
Source: South China Morning Post

For the company, the event proved highly successful in lifting employee spirits and offering a welcome respite from routine. It showcased how businesses can show extra appreciation and recognition for their staff. While the lucky employee’s year of paid leave was fortunate, it also underscored the company’s dedication to employee welfare, highlighting that compassion can thrive in corporate environments.

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