Home Technology Boat experiences a data breach: Personal information of 7.5 million users exposed on the dark web.

Boat experiences a data breach: Personal information of 7.5 million users exposed on the dark web.

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Reports claim that the threat actor has released approximately 2 Gigabytes of personally identifiable information (PII) of boAt users on dark web forums.

Indian consumer wearable brand boAt experienced a significant data breach, compromising personal information of over 7.5 million customers.

Media reports suggest that the breach, purportedly orchestrated by a hacker identified as ShopifyGUY, has led to the disclosure of sensitive personal details, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and customer IDs.

What did the boat say about the data breach?

In response to the reports, boAt released a statement on Monday acknowledging the incident and initiating a thorough investigation. “boAt is aware of recent allegations concerning a possible data breach involving customer information. We treat these allegations seriously and have promptly commenced a thorough investigation. At boAt, ensuring the security of customer data is our utmost priority,” stated a spokesperson for the company.

The exposure of personal data on online forums exposes consumers to phishing and other scams, raising vulnerability. Cybersecurity experts voiced apprehension about the breach, noting that a data breach of this magnitude from a brand affects the trust and loyalty it has built with consumers.

Kumar Ritesh’s response to data breach

Exfiltrating customers’ data undermines trust and loyalty, potentially leading e-commerce suppliers to abandon the platform,” stated Kumar Ritesh, Founder and CEO of CYFIRMA. “Certainly, any data breach violates regulations and may result in financial penalties,” he emphasized.

Experts advise

Experts recommend that to avert such incidents, companies must ascertain the location of data storage and control access to databases.

Pankit Desai’s response to data breach

“The subsequent action, post-detection of the data breach, involves examining data system access and implementing access controls based on roles and data life cycle,” stated Pankit Desai, Co-founder and CEO of Sequretek.

“Lastly, maintaining 24/7 threat monitoring capability is crucial to detecting any abnormal activities well in advance,” Desai concluded.

Boat Achievements

A prominent player in India’s audio product sector, BoAt reached a milestone of Rs 4,000 crore ($500 million) in net sales during FY 2022-23.

The majority of its revenue stems from audio device sales, including wired and wireless earphones, headphones, speakers, and soundbars.

Additionally, it provides products in other categories, like smartwatches and personal care items, aiming to establish a health and wellness wearables ecosystem within its product range.

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