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Zerodha declares elimination of brokerage charges on G-Secs and T-Bills

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Zerodha, an Indian brokerage firm, is launching a bold initiative to encourage more people to invest in government bonds (G-Secs), treasury bills (T-Bills), and state development loans (SDLs). Starting March 1, 2024, Zerodha will no longer charge the 0.06% brokerage fee on these investment options.

Zerodha revealed the initiative on X (previously known as Twitter), declaring, “In a bid to boost involvement in Government Bonds (G-Secs), Treasury Bills (T-Bills), and State Development Loans (SDLs), we’re removing the 0.06% brokerage fee starting March 1, 2024.

Analysts suggest investors explore debt securities to benefit from higher interest rates. In India, investment in debt securities lags behind stock investments, unlike in developed economies.

Institutional investors are major purchasers of Indian debt securities. Although they’ve been selling Indian stocks overall, Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have been increasingly investing in the debt market. They injected ₹18,500 crore this month, following a January investment of over ₹19,836 crore, marking the highest monthly inflow in more than six years.

The recent increase in debt investments is attributed to two key announcements, among other factors: (a) The confirmed inclusion of the Indian Government’s Fully Accessible Route^ (FAR) G-Sec bonds in the JP Morgan Government Bond Index (GBI)-EM Global Diversified (GD) Index and GBI-EM Global Index, effective from June 28, 2024, and the potential inclusion of FAR G-Sec bonds in the Bloomberg Emerging Market (EM) Local Currency Index starting September 2024, as reported by HDFC AMC.

HDFC AMC stated that both of these inclusions are positive for FPI inflows into the Indian fixed-income markets and are in line with the Indian government’s goal of positioning the nation as a global economic leader.

HDFC AMC highlighted that as India opens its financial markets to the world, it aims to become an appealing destination for global investors. These efforts are expected to yield positive long-term effects on India’s economic growth and enhance its influence on the global financial stage.

Implications for Investors

Zerodha’s decision to waive brokerage fees on G-Secs, T-Bills, and SDLs is a significant step towards making these investment options more accessible. However, it also underscores the importance of informed decision-making in finance. While this development holds promise, it emphasizes the necessity for investors to seek guidance from certified professionals before committing to investments. The investment landscape is dynamic, offering opportunities alongside risks and complexities.

In essence, Zerodha’s initiative reflects its dedication to fostering a more inclusive and sophisticated investment environment in India. It not only expands opportunities for individual investors but also contributes to integrating India further into the global financial scene. As we navigate these transformative shifts, investors must proceed with caution, equipped with sound advice and a clear understanding of their investment choices.

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[…] You might also be interested in – Zerodha declares elimination of brokerage charges on G-Secs and T-Bills […]


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