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PhonePe introduces Indus Appstore to compete against Google and Apple

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On Wednesday, PhonePe Pvt. Ltd. introduced Indus Appstore, a mobile app marketplace, potentially posing a challenge for Google, Inc. The platform won’t charge app developers for in-app payments, addressing concerns over Google and Apple’s hefty fees of 15–30% on digital services.

Describing themselves as a “game-changer in India’s digital journey,” PhonePe’s recent launch aims to seize the opportunity presented by the increasing mobile usage in India, the world’s second-largest smartphone market.

As per PhonePe’s official statement, Indus Appstore will offer over 200,000 mobile apps and games in 12 Indian languages.

Developers won’t face app listing fees until April 1, 2025. Notably, developers have the freedom to utilize any third-party payment gateway.

What PhonePe’s Indus Appstore Offers

The official statement from Indus Appstore highlights that Indian consumers can access over 200,000 mobile apps and games spanning 45 categories. The platform is designed to support 12 Indian languages, covering 95% of language preferences. Additionally, a new short-video discovery feature enhances the app discovery experience for users.

PhonePe’s release stated that Indus Appstore offers developers an equitable platform to list, distribute, and promote their products within the Indian app ecosystem. It includes self-publishing features, localization services, monitoring tools, and 24×7 customer support to aid in app growth.

PhonePe is seeking collaborations with smartphone manufacturers and aims to be available on most major brands by year-end, stated CEO Sameer Nigam during a press briefing in New Delhi.

Additionally, the PhonePe Group operates a payment business, competing with Paytm backed by Ant Group and Google’s GPay.

PhonePe’s CEO and Founder, Sameer Nigam, stated, “Indus Appstore disrupts the current norms, introducing a phase of healthier competition in the mobile app market. This initiative aims to foster a more inclusive and dynamic Indian digital landscape. Indus Appstore reflects our dedication to creating an ecosystem where every Indian user feels welcomed.”

The platform offers mobile number and OTP-based logins instead of email. It uses AI algorithms for app recommendations based on location data. Smart features include fast updates to the latest version and personalized storage management, suggesting rarely used apps for hibernation and unused apps for deletion.

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