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Bajaj to Introduce India’s First CNG Motorcycle Soon!

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Bajaj Auto will unveil the world’s first CNG motorcycle earlier than anticipated. Initially scheduled for a 2025 debut, Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj has announced an accelerated timeline, potentially bringing the innovative vehicle to market as soon as the next quarter.

During a recent CNBC-TV18 interview, Bajaj stressed the company’s dedication to creating a CNG-powered motorcycle to tackle the challenges of escalating fuel expenses and environmental issues. The goal is to substantially decrease operational costs for motorcycles while also minimizing tailpipe emissions.

Bajaj compared the potential impact of their CNG motorcycle to the market transformation caused by Hero Honda. They highlighted the ability of the Bajaj CNG motorcycle to slash fuel expenses by half. Rigorous testing unveiled encouraging findings, showing a significant 50-65% decrease in fuel and operating costs. Additionally, emissions from the CNG prototype showcased impressive reductions: 50% in CO2, 75% in Carbon Monoxide, and an exceptional 90% in non-methane hydrocarbon emissions compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Although specifics regarding the inaugural Bajaj CNG motorcycle are undisclosed, Rajiv Bajaj emphasized the focal points of technology packaging and safety measures for the upcoming launch.

While the engine size remains undisclosed, Bajaj hinted at potentially introducing multiple CNG models soon. These bikes, targeting the mass market, are anticipated to range from 100-160 cc, appealing to a diverse rider base. With these innovations, Bajaj Auto aims to transform the motorcycle industry by providing a sustainable and budget-friendly option for consumers globally, according to the report.

Bajaj Auto’s Quarterly Earnings

In January, Bajaj Auto announced a 36.9% year-on-year surge in net profit, reaching Rs 2,041.9 crore for the October-December quarter, attributed to increased sales in its domestic segment. Zee Business reported that the quarterly net profit aligned with analysts’ forecasts.

The company’s quarterly revenue also climbed by 30% to Rs 12,113.5 crore, as per regulatory filings. Bajaj Auto attributed this revenue growth to heightened performance in the domestic sector, driven by effective strategies during the festive season. Despite ongoing hurdles in international markets, export sales showed signs of recovery.

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