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Samir Modi accuses his mother, Bina, of orchestrating an attack on him amid a dispute at Godfrey Phillips

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A spokesperson for Godfrey Phillips refuted the accusation, labeling it as “completely untrue and outrageous.” The individual stated that the purported incident took place outside the boardroom during a 12 noon audit committee meeting, and it was recorded by internal CCTV cameras, which are available for inspection by appropriate authorities.

Godfrey Phillips executive director Samir Modi has accused his mother of orchestrating an assault on him, escalating the family feud over the late KK Modi’s inheritance.

Samir Modi, Godfrey Phillips’ executive director, alleges that his mother, Bina Modi, orchestrated an assault on him, intensifying the family dispute over KK Modi’s Rs 11,000-crore inheritance, as per The Economic Times. Samir lodged a complaint with Delhi Police, alleging that his mother’s personal security officer (PSO) and certain Godfrey Phillips directors inflicted “grievous hurt” upon him during his attempt to attend a scheduled board meeting on Thursday.

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“I was blocked from entering the meeting by Bina Modi’s PSO. Upon my insistence, he attempted to shove me, claiming I lacked authorization for the board session,” stated Samir. Despite being attacked and suffering a fractured index finger, he proceeded to attend the meeting and subsequently sought medical assistance. A spokesperson for Godfrey Phillips refuted the claims as “wholly untrue and appalling,” noting that the episode was captured on internal CCTV cameras.

Samir Modi believes the assault was planned to deter his meeting participation and coerce him into selling his stake, despite his prior rejection of his mother’s buyout proposal. The inheritance dispute involves substantial holdings in Godfrey Phillips and other Modi group firms. He also accuses his mother of failing to distribute funds per his father’s trust deed, with the legal conflict pending in the Supreme Court.

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Samir accused his mother’s security officer and Godfrey Phillips employees of causing “grievous hurt” during his attempt to join a scheduled board meeting, alleging he sustained a broken finger from being pushed by the PSO.

Although his mother, also a director at Godfrey Phillips, previously offered to purchase his stake, he now declines to sell. Samir also accuses his mother of not disbursing funds as outlined in his father’s trust deed.

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